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Re-Set Online Weight Loss Programme

Would you like to lose weight following a healthy and sustainable programme?

Join our 6-week online weight loss programme.

Our November programme is SOLD OUT!

Our next programme will start on Monday January 15th.

Please email us if you're interested!

Get six weeks of guidance and support for only £60!

Email us below to show interest, and we will get you enrolled!

Gain a life of balance in 6 weeks!

There are so many quick-fix diets being advertised - all promising fantastic weight losses in a short period of time. They sound great but these usually aren't sustainable or safe in the long term. It's easy to slip back into your old habits, putting back on the weight that you've worked hard to lose.


Our weight loss programme will provide you with a deeper understanding of nutrition which will enable and motivate you to make better-informed food choices. Having easy access to individual, expert help and guidance as well as the all-important talks on nutrition, weight loss and mindset, makes this a weight loss programme which is realistic and successful, not just for now but for your future health.


This programme has been designed and delivered by our experienced dietitians who are able to support you in this programme and help you find ways to overcome the problems or barriers that may be stopping you from losing weight.


​What to Expect?

  • Dietitians will be running and supporting this group

  • ​You will construct a tailored eating plan based on your nutritional requirements

  • There will be 6 live online sessions in which you can participate and ask questions

  • You will be part of a small and informal group, with no more than 15 people in the programme

  • You will get meal ideas and planning help

  • You will gain support and create a sense of accountability via a closed Facebook group with continual access to your dietitians, who can answer your questions and concerns

  • You should expect steady and sustainable weight loss

Read what past participants have had to say...


"I have returned to a healthier weight after having a baby without compromising breastfeeding."

I have found this program has made the difference for me to finally lose weight by having a specific plan tailored to me where I can choose what to eat within my daily allowance and still have chocolate.

It has given me the right knowledge to reduce my weight with all my questions answered.

It was not a fad diet eliminating food groups for a quick fix but healthy portion controlled food with treats which I can stick to long term.

I have returned to a healthier weight after having a baby without compromising breastfeeding.


The support from Paula is amazing any questions are answered quickly and having a group to do it with is great

Lucy H.

May 2020


"I honestly feel so much better both physically & mentally"

I want to thank both you & Helen for your support over the 12 weeks. I honestly feel so much better both physically & mentally since being on the 12-week programme. I am no longer stressing if I eat a bit more on one or two days or don’t go to the gym because it really isn’t the end of the world!!!

Rebecca E.

Dec 2020


"... it was easier than I thought and I lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks."

Paula is very kind, approachable and extremely knowledgeable.  I felt that I knew quite a bit about nutrition but I have learnt so much more.  She guided me through a 6 week plan of better food choices and gave me recipe ideas, it was easier than I thought and I lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks.  I now feel happier going forward to make healthier food choices with a more balanced view without giving up my occasional treats.  Paula kept in touch throughout the 6 weeks and beyond without any judgement when I occasionally fell off the wagon.

Wendy S.

Feb 2020


"It is a no-nonsense, healthy diet in which weight loss is gradual and easily sustainable."

I have been taking part in Paula's Re-set Weight Loss Programme. I have been very impressed by the professional guidance I have received from Paula.


Because of Lockdown, consultations and information have had to be conducted remotely. Regular talks by Paula offer scientific facts about food groups and their effects on the body, in language that is easy to understand. 


Paula emails many fact sheets; ideas for meals; meal planning sheets; weight loss charts; and calorie guides. As well as this Paula encourages us to ask questions at any time.


This is not a quick fix diet, the results of which usually end in disappointment.

It is a no-nonsense, healthy diet in which weight loss is gradual and easily sustainable

Mary M.

May 2020


"Wow! What knowledge
she has. "

All my life, I’ve tried all the known (and odd) diets. Then I tried Hartwood Health and Paula was the nutritionist. Wow! What knowledge she has. Superb, incredible back up, daily e-mails – the best team I’ve ever been with.

Lady L.

May 2020


"...results within a week!"

I signed up to the Weight Loss Programme with Hartwood Health at the beginning of the year (2022). The aim was to lose some weight, change my eating habits and understand which foods are best for my body.

No individual food was banned on this diet - just restricted to a certain quantity.

Within a week I was seeing results!

Paula and her team provided several educational sessions over Zoom, which covered topics such as meal planning, macronutrients, and physical activity.

Thanks for helping me improve my health and lifestyle!

Alex C.

August 2022


" when I fell off the band wagon."

I think the group is brilliant. I found you so encouraging, understanding and there was only support when I fell off the band wagon. What I wanted to say is that I have been slimming all of my adult life and this group is what people need.

Paula C.

May 2020


Drop the fad diets, lose weight the proper way!

To register or find out more, please e-mail us or give us a ring

Or  call on 01252 594110

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