Osteopathy can detect, treat and prevent problems with our mobility. It aims to restore your normal function by increasing the mobility in your joints and relieving muscle tension through moving, massaging and stretching muscles and joints. It also promotes blood flow and nerve supply to the tissues. 

Our osteopath is able to advise on and treat a number of conditions including:

  • Generalised aches and pains

  • Arthritic pain 

  • General, acute and chronic backache (not arising from injury or accident) 

  • Mechanical neck pain

  • Headaches arising from neck/migraine prevention 

  • Postural and occupational-related problems 

  • Circulatory problems 

  • Digestive problems

  • Lumbago

  • Joint pain/stiffness

  • Sciatica 

  • Pregnancy-related conditions

  • Muscle cramps/spasms 

  • Stress, anxiety and tension/inability to relax 

  • Neuralgia

  • Frozen shoulder/shoulder and elbow pain /Tennis/Golfers’ elbow