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Pricing & Payment

Our pricing structure is below, as is information about how to pay, whether self-funding or through private medical insurance.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Nutrition & Dietetics

10-minute dietician chat: free

1-hour dietician consultation: £105

30-minute dietician follow-up: £55

Body Composition Assessment

with report (30 minutes): £50

5-day food diary nutritional analysis,

report & feedback: £75


Counselling & Coaching


30-minute initial appointment: free

60-minute follow-up appointment: £55

Insight, Resilience & Mindset Coaching

NLP Coaching

30-minute initial appointment: free

60-minute Master NLP coaching appointment: £120

Timeline Therapy (2-3 hours): £350

2-day Breakthrough Therapy also available on request.


for three sessions

Musculoskeletal therapies

Sports Massage

60 minutes: £60

45 minutes: £45

30 minutes: £30


Adults: £70

Children: £60

all appointments are up to 45 minutes long

Complementary Health


60 minutes: £70


60 minutes: £70


Pay as you Go

Private healthcare is not only for those with private medical insurance.

You can simply pay directly for any sessions at Hartwood Health.

We accept all credit cards.

Medical Insurance

Our practitioners are listed with various private medical insurance companies, including AXA-PPP, Aviva, WPA.


But it varies from practitioner to practitioner who is listed with who...

We will help you find the correct practitioner if you are using private medical insurance.

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