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Sports Massage

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What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is an essential part of a musculoskeletal service, and we are lucky to have a great therapist in our team.

Sports massage is a form of soft tissue therapy. It uses a variety of techniques to relieve the physical exertion we put on our muscles, tendons and ligaments. 


Sports massage will increase your range of motion, aid recovery and decrease muscle stiffness and soreness.

"I’m not 'sporty'; can I still have a sports massage?"

Yes! Sports massage is for everyone - not just ‘sporty’ people. So whether you're an ultra runner, gym bunny, dog walker or simply sit behind your laptop all day - sports massage can help soft tissue dysfunction caused by occupational stress and muscular aches and pains caused by our busy daily lives.


The term "sports" (or sometimes "remedial") massage relates to the use of specific techniques and a strong knowledge of human anatomy and how it functions. Laura will use techniques including traditional effleurage and cross-fibre, alongside more modern trigger point and muscle energy techniques.

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What can massage help with?

Massage can be really powerful, not just physically but mentally too. Massage can help relieve physical discomfort from over-tight muscles by helping increase the flow of blood and lymph around the body.


Some of the most common issues Laura will see include:


•       Upper back and neck pain - do you work long hours at your laptop?

•       Low back pain

•       Nerve pain / Sciatic pain

•       Headaches

•       Golf / Tennis Elbow

•       Muscle strains

•       Rotator Cuff

•       Achillies Tendinitis / Plantar Fasciitis


And many more...

Who will I see?

Laura is one of our massage therapists, and she brings many years of experience to her clients at Hartwood Health. Read more about her by clicking below.

Here's what a client, Suzie, had to say:

"Laura took the time to understand where my pain was coming from, I felt like I was in safe hands from the very beginning of the treatment. Laura's massage isn't like anything I've had before, it felt really specific. I can't wait to come back." 

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What should I wear?


Essentially Laura needs direct access to the areas that are to be worked on.

For example, if you know Laura will be working on your lower limbs it’s a good idea to wear or bring some shorts with you.

If clothes need to be removed to allow Laura to do the best job she can, towels and linen will be provided to protect your modesty. Ladies, if you're wearing a bra, it's helpful if it can be unclipped from the back.

Most of all, wear what makes you feel comfortable. 

Sports massage on leg

What to expect?

Your first appointment will always start with a conversation about you, your condition, your history and your lifestyle. This understanding is key to any therapy, and allows Laura to plan your treatment.


Next, Laura will perform a swift body assessment and explore your range of motion to establish exactly which muscles are causing your problem.


Then comes the hands-on treatment. Laura will discuss what she plans to do within the time you have so you are both confident you’ll be getting the very best from your treatment. Sports massage and deep tissue massage can sometimes feel a little sore, but Laura believes massages don’t need to be painful to be effective, and she will focus on targeting the correct muscles to achieve the best results.

Upon finishing your treatment Laura will give you a couple of stretches and some home-care advice so you can continue to feel great at home.

Team work

Part of a multidisciplinary team...


The great advantage of having a team of practitioners is that they  can refer patients to each other when required.

Laura has worked alongside our osteopath, Toby, for years, and they have a trusted and efficient relationship, passing patient between them as and when required.

So if Laura thinks you need the input of our osteopath she will say so, and in return, our osteopath regularly refers patients to Laura when they need massage work in particular.

Sports massage blogs


Our blog has more information about sports massage and some of the conditions it can be used to treat. Our sports massage therapist, Laura Sparling shares her experience and knowledge with us.

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