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NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis

The power of the unconscious mind


Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers us the ability to understand you on a deeper, unconscious level of the mind.


Our Master therapist has trained in a multitude of helpful techniques to make positive and lasting changes at an unconscious level.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

  • Neuro stands for the Nervous System - your mind

  • Linguistic stands for Language

  • Programming represents our ability to understand and discover the programs we run unconsciously. This includes communication with ourselves as well as with others. The goal of such programs is to achieve our specific, desired outcomes.

NLP is an instruction manual for the mind.


"Why would I use NLP?"


We would all like to make lasting changes.

We typically try lots of helpful ideas - all with the right intentions. Yet somehow, we slip back to old, unhelpful habits.

This happens because we have a belief, or program , running at an unconscious level in which we do not believe we are good enough to achieve a certain outcome.

This will continue until you have a professional help you to change it at an unconscious level. 

All new clients get a free 30-minute initial consultation so we can establish the unconscious problem and identify the outcome you would love to achieve. Together, we will devise on the best program to achieve your desired outcomes.

What is Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy?


Hypnosis & Timeline Therapy techniques are helpful and non-invasive techniques. They are largely content-free so quite different to counselling and psychotherapy as we do not need to go through any traumatic content to acheive results. 


Hypnosis is performed in a meditative state - one where the client is experiencing pure relaxation whilst the practitioner utilises hypnotic scripts to transition the client into a deep hypnotic state.


This is classed as a light sleep or a meditative state, in which you are more susceptible to listening to and accepting embedded commands that will enable you to get the results you desire at an unconscious level. This is where all real change happens. 


Timeline Therapy is a technique where we metaphorically travel along our timeline into the past. Along this journey, we can eliminate unhelpful feelings, remove limiting decisions and deconstruct any limiting beliefs that may have been installed in to us from a very young age.


Who will I see?

Kirsty is a Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Timeline Therapist. 


She has a real passion for helping people find their true selves and reinstating a sense of calm empowerment.

She is also a reflexologist.

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